Le Jardin Pyramidal H3P


The HP3 model provides 6 m² jardinable surface . 6.5 m² of floor space .

The total height is 142 cm.
The heights of the culture stages :
1 : 30 cm
2nd : 66 cm
3rd: 95 cm
The footprint is:
Width : 225 cm
Small Width: 196 cm

Ground width : 202 cm ( earthmoving )

It can be done in all available materials : wood, natural stone, composite stone ( quartz and acrylic some are rather reserved for the inside )

Wood and vermiculite substrate , it could be installed on a terrace. It is important to check before whether the structure can support the load of garden operation.

Very practical, this model allows wheelchair users to follow the evolution of cultures and gardening themselves, without taking up too much space .



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