Potager Pyramidal Hexagonal 3 grands étages
Le Jardin Pyramidal © H3G en Granite 'G 562'


Garden Pyramid H3G brings over 13 m² jardinable surface.

The heights of the culture stages :
1 : 43 cm
2nd: 96 cm
3rd: 139 cm

The footprint is:
Width : 367 cm
Small Width: 319 cm

Ground width : 327 cm ( earthmoving )

It brings jardinable 13.67 m² area , it is a good size garden to 18 trays.

It can be made with the following materials: granite, wood and composites.

For manufacturing marble , caution should be exercised marble is more brittle than granite , it is desirable to choose the right marble or granite to a mixed composition / marble .



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